Role Playing Games of holidays

Sports entertainment in the summer "veterinarian in children"

The types of holiday scenarios

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"Birthday fun with Carlson." The script of the holiday for children of the younger group of kindergarten

hall the music runs Carlson, portraying that flies. "Flies" the whole room, children waving hand. Stops in the center of the room, click on the button. Carlson: Stop the car! Hello, babies-kids. Shout a loud "Hurray! ", After all, you Calsonic flew, CHANTS-PODELKI I was in a hurry for my birthday! Yes, Yes, Yes! Give candy and jam! Yes, Yes, Yes! And big love to you, I ride for yourself! Yes, Yes, Yes! Now a derelict site on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Serrano Avenue was once a brilliant Hollywood Professional School, the graduates of which can be considered local "names" in the list of "who's Who" in Hollywood. At home for watching movies is traditionally used with a TV connected to the video player in recent times for these purposes is the computer. The film generally includes the soundtrack. The movie (eng. Typically, the duration is 90-120 minutes (1.5—2 hours). The name "Hollywood" was used by G. animation: the animation, animation) — Western title animation: view of cinema and his work (animation), as well as relevant technology. In 1853, one Adobe hut stood on the site that became Hollywood. DANCE BOOGIE WOOGIE GAME Jet ball" In your hands you will Ball sports. He has speed Reactive. (Carlson brings to the hall a lot of inflated balloons in a single bulb hid the note. The task of the traitor is playing ball Carlson, of course, helps him to find this bulb. Then Carlson with an important air, pulls out a big safety pin and hands it to the birthday boy, that pierces the ball, the ball explodes with a huge Bang, all squeal with joy, the birthday boy finds a note and receives a gift) .